Sunday, 25 September 2011

How to get the 'TIMELINE' on your Facebook Profile??

Well you have obviously logged into facebook these days and noticed the a number of changes? Have you been compalining about it too? Or did you like it? But I do agree to the fact that Facebook seems to be playing catch up to Google+. I mean Facebook shoving up Groups and the new Top Stories section down our throats, also getting rid of the Most Recent tab making just one universal feed. The new subscribe button which allows you to twitter-like follow people. More the options come up, more the security settings get complicated. Do not even get me started about the whole new “what are people doing feed” (The one which lets you see what your friends did just now, located right above the chat panel).

Facebook also rang a huge change, announced in their F8 Keynote. We have something called a timeline now. Its basically a nostalgic trip of your facebook activity over the weeks, months and years. They layout as you will see is quite catchy and draws you into it. Now all users will be able to use it after 30th September i.e. Public Release date. But if you read on, you might able to take tour of your very own timeline in the next five minutes. So do the needful. READ ON!


It will ask you to Log in, Do so and allow the App to access your personal settings and etc. (You have gone through this routine before with other apps surely.)


Once you log on to the Developers Page, check on the right hand side. (see pic) It will ask you for Display Name and Namespace. Just write whatever you want to name an App if you ever had the brains to write one. (No offence) Then don’t forget to check the box of agree to the policy and continue. At this point there will be a security check (captcha) get through it.


After Step 2, you are ushered to a page which shows some basic info about the app and the app developer (YOU!). On the left side menu there is an option saying ‘Open Graph’ Click on it. (See Pic). Once you click on it, you will be taken to a page called getting started where you have to define a sentence. Rather fill in the blanks. People can ________________  a  ________ . That’s it. I mentioned people can find out about a houseparty. (This is like a sentence which defines your app). If you still do not get it. Just copy mine. I wont file a lawsuit for plagiarism. Click on Get Started after this.

Step 4

The second last and the easiest part. Just click on Save and Continue (Two times as it again loads a page which asks you to do the same) until you reach “ Then Save and Finish.” Click on that too. Some page is loaded after that. Which you need not care about. Just Log on to Facebook (not Developers) now and once your page loads something will pop up on the top which asks if you want to try the new timeline feature. You click on “Frigging Yes!!”

Step 5

Enjoy!! Yup that’s it! : )

Just one more thing, tell us how you feel about the timeline and the other new changes on facebook. Like it? Hate it? You want some and hate some? Just voice your opinions and tell us how you feel. Hope you were able to access the timeline. (if you were not able to, you seriously need to work on your hand-eye coordination)

Lastly, some changes in the blog. I have started blogging about technology on (You should head there, its a beautiful project). Anyway from hereon out, I plan to make Tech-Rest a little more about random things. I will continue to blabber here about technology of course, but not exclusively. I plan to make this a foot print of what i like and dislike over the internet and life in general. No No, personal crap, not much anyway. This wont be a weekly thing anymore. I am going to make this into a anytime i want post thing. Cheers!!